The endocannabinoid system is one of the new and incredible discoveries in science. It literally means “the cannabinoid system inside the body”. The endocannabinoid system regulates a variety of biological processes, such as relaxation, feeding, sleep, certain inflammatory reactions and even cognitive function. In short, your endocannabinoid system is responsible for the optimal function of your body. And that is no small task!

Endocannabinoids and plant-derived cannabinoids connect with receptors called cannabinoid receptors on the surface of cells. There are two main receptors, CB1 and CB2. It has been shown that cannabinoids strengthen and improve the efficacy of mitochondria, the power source for every cell in your body.

Endocannabinoids and their receptors are found throughout the body. However, while the endocannabinoid system performs its tasks, experts believe that the function of the ECS is the regulation of homeostasis. It is difficult to define a system as complex as the ECS, but it is important to know that there are two types of important receptors – CB1 and CB2 – in the cells of the body. They are abundant in the brain and immune system. The body produces cannabinoids in a natural process (such as endocannabinoids: anandamide and 2-AG) that share chemical structures similar to cannabinoids derived from plants like CBD.

Studies on the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) have shown that in addition to being a regulator of homeostasis, the endocannabinoid system is also responsible for repairing damaged cells. Research has also shown that cannabinoids are able to target damaged cells without affecting normal cells, which means that the enndocannabinoid system can act as a biological defense system.

When a person ingests hemp oil or other cannabinoids, these cannabinoid receptors are activated. Research indicates that when you supplement your endocannabinoid system with non-toxic, non-addictive cannabinoids, it is possible to develop a healthier endocannabinoid system and, almost certainly, a healthier life.

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