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Maintaining High Quality, Consistency, and Transparency is the cornerstone of our company.  We invite you to see our operations from our greenhouses and farms, to our state of the art testing laboratories, extraction, and purification facilities.  We know how important it is to understand the entire supply chain, and we are dedicated to this transparency and education for the industrial hemp industry.

Our Head Scientist is a pharmaceutical scientist, in charge of product development, technical operations, and laboratory services at our manufacturer.  He has spent several years with consumer goods companies where he was responsible for translating consumer insights into product design down to the molecular levels.  He has also managed quality control, quality assurance, and analytical services at pharmaceutical firms, ensuring and enforcing the regulatory-compliant practices during the development and lifecycle of multiple drug products.

He is a strategic thinker who believes in learning from the business environment to tailor the development and production processes to be compatible with the culture/talent within a company.  As a quality and compliance consultant, he has implemented his vision with clients across industries covering QA, QC, analytical development, manufacturing, process development, and CMO management, in increasingly complex roles.

His vision is to create a high-performing technical operations group, designed to take products from concept to reality based on science, communication, process, training, and continuous improvement.  He has a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry and an MBA, both from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Quality, Consistency, and Transparency is our business.  Whether it is the hemp growing in the greenhouses and farmland, or the processing of our PCR-rich hemp oil in our state of the art extraction and purification facility, we pride ourselves on quality, consistency, and transparency.

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